Understanding your Bae

When it comes to relationships, do you find yourself constantly saying the wrong thing at the wrong time? Are you having a hard time understanding your Bae? Here’s your guide to what girls want, think, and need when it comes to men.

#Girls are so simple that even a teddy can make her smile,
and hard enough to understand that even it can take whole life to understand..!!

TRYING to unfold the mystery..
Here are 10 ways to know her more..

#1. When your Bae isn’t replying.
-Call her, she might be low.

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#2. When your Bae says, go.
– Never go, just hold on.


#3. When your Bae says, “nothing forget it”.
– You better figure out what you did wrong.

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#4. When your Bae says, are you tired?
– She means, please don’t go to sleep. I love talking to you.

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#5. When she says, “I’m cold”.
– Get a blanket and cuddle with her.

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#6. When she says, I’m okay.
– Hold her tight, she need a shoulder to cry on.

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#7.Shen she says, “Leave me alone”.
– She means, please don’t go.


#8. When she says, I love you.
– Tell her you do more.

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#9. When, she recommends you music.
– Go through the lyrics, its ’cause the lyric mean everything, she’s trying to say to you.

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#10. When she asks you to watch movies and serials.
– Its only ’cause she wants to be treated/loved the same.

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Sachin tumhe salam

Sachin tumhe salam..sachin tumhe salam
cricket ki duniya sada karegi tujhe yaad
cricket ke swarnim aksharon me
likha ja chuka hai tera naam
sachin tujhe salam…
gendo pe paini najar aur 
apne dridh nishchay se paya hai
tumne ye muqam
apne balle ki dhunai se
balleron ko kiya pareshan
kisi ni sachhu,tendu to master-blaster bulaya
jo aksar 10 number ki jarsi me aaya
sachin tum ho mahan
bharat ka abhiman
sachin tumhe salam.sachin tumhe salam..
thank you sachin.Image


Wo 16 dec ki raat hame aksar satayegi
wo ahivaniyat yaad hame rulayegi
kya badlegi hamari soch ya NIRBHAYA 
tumhari qurbani vyarth hi jayegi
kyun ye insan ban baitha hai haivan
kya yahi iski soch hai 
ya yahi iski pahchan
Laxmi,durga aur saraswati ki puja karte
aur jag-janni pe karte atyachar
kyun ye bhul jata hai,
ek aurat thi jisne tumhe dikhai ye sansar
aye darinde kab karoge apni galtiyon ka ahsas
kab lengi aadhi- aabadi yahan chain ki sans.
aye khuda kuch raham aisa kar de
ab koi darinda na aisa kar sake
ab na koi NIRBHAYA dare aur sahme.
is desh ko rashta dikhade aisa ki
kash koi NIRBHAYA na mar sake.


Brain drain

Brain drain is a problem for every country. Due to this skilled manpower reduces in one’s own country. So, why did we have such a severe brain drain in our country? A developing country like India needs to take initiative to prevent Human capital flight. Let’s understand what’s brain drain first? The movement of people (highly skilled and qualified people) to a country where they can work in better condition and can earn more money.

The reasons usually include two aspects which respectively come from countries and individuals. In terms of countries, the reasons may be lack of opportunities, political instability, economic depression, health risks, etc.; and in other hand the host countries provide rich opportunities, political stability and freedom, developed economy, better living conditions, etc.). In terms of individual reasons, there are family influences (overseas relatives), and personal preference: preference for exploring, ambition for an improved career, etc.

The UNDP estimates that India loses $2 billion a year because of the emigration of computer experts to the U.S. Indian students going abroad for their higher studies costs India a foreign exchange outflow of $10 billion annually.

There is no doubt that India is having vast natural and man power resources. If both these resources are put to the maximum utilization astounding advancement can be achieved in all fields.

There are so many causes of human capital flight in India. First of all, there is unemployment problem.  Even a talented person cannot get a job. India is lacking in facilities for higher research work. The top appointments are quite few in India. Thus the talented experts like to seek new pastures abroad.

In this connection, even the people should also come forward and cooperate with the government in solving the problem. The parents of the students should not encourage them to go abroad and settle there even if they are paid high salaries.

The Doctors, Engineers and Scientist owe a duty to their motherland. Our nation is spending huge amount of money on their training. These people should not betray their own nation by serving foreign nation.

Indian governments should also learn from the private network providing companies as they reach in every nook and corner of the country and provide best network to us, thus the government also need to look in the matter very closely and find out ways which will minimize the influx of Indian scientist and engineers and give them a better career option, good opportunities and better living condition.

The government must take speedy step to lure back home those talented sons of India who are living abroad. The experts can surely help in making India a great power in the world.

So, India may become a developed country and thus we can fulfil the long cherished dream of our beloved Dr. Kalam.

“Transforming the nation into a developed country, few areas in combination have been identified based on India’s core competence, natural resources and talented manpower for integrated action to double the growth rate of GDP and realize the Vision of  Developed India.”

Soch badlo desh badlo

Jindagi ke kisi bhi  muqam ko pane ke liye hame imtehan  dena hota hai, ya ache karyon ke liye sammanit bhi kiya jata hai. Chahe wo Dr. Er ya CA hi kyun na ho. kisi bhi dhandhe ya kisi bhi padvi pe insan tabhi hota hai jab wo us me parangat ho.

Lekin baat jab Politics ki aati hai to iske liye na koi course h na test/exam or na hi kisi degree ki aawashyakta hoti hai.  Ek anpadh-gawand election me khda hota hai aur apne bahubal ke pryog se jeet jata hai, aur wahi iss desh aur iske nagrikon ka karta-dharta ban jata hai.  Ham ek aise politician pe kaise vishvas kar sakte hai, jo na to padha-likha  hota hai aur na hi wo apni kursi ki maryada ko barkarar rakhne me sakchham.

Kya ek politician (jo desh ki bangdore apne hato me lene jar aha ho ) ko sikschit nahi hona chahiye? Exams pass nahi karne chaiye?   Jab aadhar hi nahi hai to kaise koi iss desh or iske nagriko ka jirnodhar karega?

Kya election jeetna hi sabkuch hai? Kya politician ko sikschit aur apne padvi ka gyan nahi hona chaiye?  Jaago.. soch badlo..desh badlo.



Maa jab teri yaad aati hai
palke bhing jati hai,
tere didar se dil ko sukoon aata hai.
ghar se door hostel me bas teri hi yaad satati hai
tere kisse aur loriyan,
hamesha yaad aati hain.
tere banaye khane ko yaad kar kabhi bhukhe pet hi so jate hain
maa teri yad bohot satati hai
jab teri yaad me senti ho jata hoon
doshto ki hansi bhi kam pad jati hai
teri dant ki yaadein unki hasane ki
koshiso pe bhari pad jati hai
Maa teri yaad bohot aati hai
mujhe pata hai maa
ladle ko tu bhi miss karti hogi
mere nat-khatpan ko tu bhi Jarur tarasti hogi
Maa tere sapno ko pura kar aaunga
jag me tera naam roshan kar jaunga
par maa jab teri yaad aati hai
meri palke nam ho jati hai.


We all celebrated our national festival with great zeal and zest and came to our normal mode as we were..

Days passed but something couldn’t pass my mind. Those fifty-two seconds of national anthem, when echoed within my soul body, heart made me once again realize those inestimable blood sheds, those uncompared losses, those treasured tears and those prized heart winners for whom independent was not everything but onlything.


But one thing which thinders me a lot , which knock the door of selflessness is the increasingg negativity in India.call it corruption, poverty  or inequality.our India is enslaved by it. The poverty which doubts the independence what we see miseries of children selling Indian flags at signals.the corruption which makes this country a captive of those corrupt ministers whose connivery fill the headlines of every news channel and the front page of the newspaper. The inequality of every human whose ruled by another in this country which calls to give every Indian equal status.Attack a point where you stop believing that you are independent.

Every 15th  of august , we stand there saluting our ti-ranga and remember ing their efforts. But at the same time failing to take that dream ahead. Every 15th of august is not only to remember their efforts but also to respect them by enlarging the viewscope to make a truly free india.Where one can breath air of real freedom, free from those bugs of corruption, poverty and where everyone will be singing the song of happines, where we will vote for betterment , where everyone will be educated and everyone will be employed, where women will be given respect and noone will be hungry.

This is our india ,and take it or not you, me(we) are responsible for any good-bad happenings. Independence is what we seek, independence is what we shall have. Then only we can close our eyes, put our hands on our heart and say pruodly-

Sare jahan se achha HINDUSTAN hamara,

ham bulbule hain iski ye gulsita hamara…