Brain drain

Brain drain is a problem for every country. Due to this skilled manpower reduces in one’s own country. So, why did we have such a severe brain drain in our country? A developing country like India needs to take initiative to prevent Human capital flight. Let’s understand what’s brain drain first? The movement of people (highly skilled and qualified people) to a country where they can work in better condition and can earn more money.

The reasons usually include two aspects which respectively come from countries and individuals. In terms of countries, the reasons may be lack of opportunities, political instability, economic depression, health risks, etc.; and in other hand the host countries provide rich opportunities, political stability and freedom, developed economy, better living conditions, etc.). In terms of individual reasons, there are family influences (overseas relatives), and personal preference: preference for exploring, ambition for an improved career, etc.

The UNDP estimates that India loses $2 billion a year because of the emigration of computer experts to the U.S. Indian students going abroad for their higher studies costs India a foreign exchange outflow of $10 billion annually.

There is no doubt that India is having vast natural and man power resources. If both these resources are put to the maximum utilization astounding advancement can be achieved in all fields.

There are so many causes of human capital flight in India. First of all, there is unemployment problem.  Even a talented person cannot get a job. India is lacking in facilities for higher research work. The top appointments are quite few in India. Thus the talented experts like to seek new pastures abroad.

In this connection, even the people should also come forward and cooperate with the government in solving the problem. The parents of the students should not encourage them to go abroad and settle there even if they are paid high salaries.

The Doctors, Engineers and Scientist owe a duty to their motherland. Our nation is spending huge amount of money on their training. These people should not betray their own nation by serving foreign nation.

Indian governments should also learn from the private network providing companies as they reach in every nook and corner of the country and provide best network to us, thus the government also need to look in the matter very closely and find out ways which will minimize the influx of Indian scientist and engineers and give them a better career option, good opportunities and better living condition.

The government must take speedy step to lure back home those talented sons of India who are living abroad. The experts can surely help in making India a great power in the world.

So, India may become a developed country and thus we can fulfil the long cherished dream of our beloved Dr. Kalam.

“Transforming the nation into a developed country, few areas in combination have been identified based on India’s core competence, natural resources and talented manpower for integrated action to double the growth rate of GDP and realize the Vision of  Developed India.”


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