Understanding your Bae

When it comes to relationships, do you find yourself constantly saying the wrong thing at the wrong time? Are you having a hard time understanding your Bae? Here’s your guide to what girls want, think, and need when it comes to men.

#Girls are so simple that even a teddy can make her smile,
and hard enough to understand that even it can take whole life to understand..!!

TRYING to unfold the mystery..
Here are 10 ways to know her more..

#1. When your Bae isn’t replying.
-Call her, she might be low.

images (1)

#2. When your Bae says, go.
– Never go, just hold on.


#3. When your Bae says, “nothing forget it”.
– You better figure out what you did wrong.

images (6)

#4. When your Bae says, are you tired?
– She means, please don’t go to sleep. I love talking to you.

images (4)

#5. When she says, “I’m cold”.
– Get a blanket and cuddle with her.

images (9)

#6. When she says, I’m okay.
– Hold her tight, she need a shoulder to cry on.

images (14)

#7.Shen she says, “Leave me alone”.
– She means, please don’t go.


#8. When she says, I love you.
– Tell her you do more.

download (2)

#9. When, she recommends you music.
– Go through the lyrics, its ’cause the lyric mean everything, she’s trying to say to you.

images (25)

#10. When she asks you to watch movies and serials.
– Its only ’cause she wants to be treated/loved the same.

images (22)


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